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Agricultural education in Turkey dates back to old ages. The first Agriculture College was established in 1846 on the lands of Istanbul-Yeşilköy Ayamama farm, however the college closed in only two years. Towards the end of the 19th century, some measures were taken to develop agriculture sector in Turkey, and agriculturists were planned to be employed to apply these measures. For this purpose, Halkalı Agricultural Vocational School was established in 1891. This school continued its education until 1928 and educated many students.

In order to fulfill the gap after the closure of this school, a new school, Ankara Higher Agriculture College was established in 1930. This college, which adopted the German education system, was converted into the Higher Agriculture Institute prior to the graduation of its first students. This institute, which was established on October 30, 1933 with the directives of Atatürk, differentiates from both Halkalı and Ankara colleges in terms of functional and physical properties. Faculties of Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary, Natural Sciences and Arts were all located in this Institute in order to modernize the Turkish agriculture, scientifically define its problems and find solutions, educate Higher Agricultural Engineers to serve Turkish agricultural sector, and for research and education purposes in the field of agriculture. The institute’s program is based on the 8 semester, 4 years of general agricultural education with 10 months of internship.

With the No.4936 legislation in 1946, a new structure was defined for Turkish universities, and Istanbul and Ankara universities were established. The Higher Agricultural Institute continued its program until 1948; Faculties of Veterinary and Agriculture integrated into Ankara University, and Faculty of Forestry, on the other hand, integrated into Istanbul University.

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, which joined to Turkish higher education with a new discipline and approach in 1948, has made many contributions to the development of nation’s agriculture; played important roles in education of Agriculture Engineers and many highly qualified scientists. Beginning from its first establishment, more than

20.000 engineers graduated from the faculty, and thousands of research papers, theses and articles were published.

Today, with more than 500 decares of the campus land, research and application farms, research stations, experienced academic  and administrative staff, Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture is the leading education and research institution of Turkey.

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